2020 Race Date: POSTPONED – was March 14th 2020
(Update 3/12/2020)

Sandloters –

The hardest decision a baseball manager often makes is when to pull their starting pitcher. Sometimes this is obvious as they can’t find the strike zone or ask to be pulled, but other times a pitcher still looks good, is throwing hard and finding the strike zone after 100+ pitches. We face the same dilemma today as “Managers” for the Sandlot Marathon.

We love this event. We have been living and breathing this event for the last two years. We want more than anything for others to experience the pure joy and idiocy of a day spent running the bases with friends enjoying the hot dogs, beer and atmosphere.

But these are unique, unprecedented times with a level of uncertainty that has arguably never been seen before.

A baseball manager must decide whether to pull their pitcher, but at the end of the day…it’s just a game. We, however, face a more difficult decision that actually involves the health and wellness of our families, our friends and our community. With such high stakes, we have made the extremely difficult decision to cancel the Sandlot Marathon event scheduled for March 14th and look at an alternate race date.

We are still working to finalize the next steps, but here’s what we know thus far:

– All registered runners will receive deferred entry into the next edition of the Sandlot Marathon, whether it’s the first ever “Fall Classic” or the 2021 edition. We’ll be working through the details of this over the next couple of months and keeping you updated on our Facebook page.

– We’ll be out at the ball fields from 8-11 am (possibly longer) with the race swag including shirts, baseball cards, etc available for those who decide to come out. For those who can’t/don’t make it out, we’ll have your gear available at the next edition of the Sandlot Marathon.

– For those of you who purchased hoodies or hats, we’ll also have those available. For those who can’t/don’t make it out, we’ll figure out how to get your purchased items to you.

– The fields will be open if you want to run some laps, but there will be no timing, no official race, and no aid station.

We fully expect people will be disappointed, and please know that we are as well. This was an extremely difficult decision for us to make, with extensive conversation both within the race directors and other resources.

You can reach out to us with any thoughts, complaints or disappointments (we expect a little dirt to be kicked) either through Facebook or sandlot@sandlotmarathon.com.
Please know that the game will go on, we will live to run another day and we will have future events that will be just as quaint and idiotic as the Sandlot Marathon.

-DURT Racing (Andy, Brian, Joe, Luke, Matt, Mark, and Tim)

Sandlot Marathon:
– 9:00 am Start Time
– 384 and a half trips around the bases.

Minor League Half Marathon:
– 12:15 pm Start Time
– 192 and a quarter trips around the bases.

No Relief 9-Hour
– 7:00 am Start Time
– Unlimited trips around the bases!!!

Dave Anderson Athletic Complex (DAAC)
13300 Business Center Drive Northwest, Elk River, MN 55330 (map)

Learn more here

Marathon Stats: Started in 2018, 384.55 loops = 26.2 miles, 1 aid station every loop, 6 hour cut-off.

Qualification Standards: None.

Since the founding in 2018, the race is not accepted as a Boston Marathon qualifier, a Western States qualifier, nor does it earn you points towards UTMB.

It should be noted, however, that finishers of the 2018 Sandlot Marathon completed fifteen 100-mile (or longer) races during the seven months following the Sandlot Marathon, including several age group victories. During the same time period in 2017, the group completed only six 100-mile or longer races.

Legally the race can not claim to be solely responsible for the improvement, but we can say that Sandlot Marathon is not not responsible.

Other Race Info
Aid Station: Hot dog flavored Heed and standard aid station will be set up near the on deck circle near the home team’s bench along the first base line.
Drop Bags: OK

Baseball Themed Attire: Encouraged, not required

Course Markings: The course will be well marked, the pitcher’s mound will always be on your left when rounding the bases, and runners are expected to stay within the base paths except when passing, no course cutting *See Facebook Event Page for course preview video to be posted soon

Drug Testing: RDs reserve the right to drug test for PEDs at any time

Support Crews and Spectators: All are welcome, bring the kids

Littering: No, obviously

Results: The Facebook event page should be updated regularly with top overall, top male, top female, ALL DNFs will be posted, final results

Awards: The top runner overall will receive a baseball card featuring the patron saint of the Sandlot Marathon – Harold Baines – as well as a gift card to Denny’s for $9.09 (the cost of a Grand Slam – plus tax). Please consult a tax professional to determine the impact on your finances. All other runners will receive a unique finisher award.

Volunteers: Learn more here.

Sandlot Marathon, a D.U.R.T event

Course Marking

The course will be marked with orange cones as shown below.


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The Sandlot Marathon (and other races) are put on by a group of runners for runners – D.U.R.T (you’ll have to do one of the races to ask us what it stands for). The motto of the group is simple: I just want to run with friends.

Well okay, maybe it’s slightly more complex than that. It’s also about putting on races that we would want to run. It’s about not being a dick. It’s about having fun. It’s about having a beer (or three, maybe even during the race). It’s about community. It’s about providing an event where people can do great things. It’s about treating every runner as the M.V.P. It’s about high-fives and chest-bumps. It’s about creating memories that grow and stretch and become stories, the kind that get shared late at night on the trail.

At last count, we’ve run 35 100-mile or longer races, and at least 83 ultramarathons. Members of the group have finished the Grand Slam (Vermont 100, Western States, Leadville, Wasatch Front 100), Gnarly Bandit (Zumbro 100, Superior 100, Black Hills 100, Kettle Moraine 100, and Wild Duluth 100k), and the Badwater 135. We’ve won Beer Miles. We’ve been on podcasts. We’ve co-authored books on ultrarunning. We’ve been aid station captains. We’ve done course marking. We’ve crewed and paced each other, seeing each other at our worst. We’ve celebrated each other’s successes and commiserated over beers. We’ve won races. We’ve had DNFs.

We believe in putting on fun, fulfilling, unique events and look forward to you joining us.

– Andy, Brian, Luke, Tim, Matt, Mark, and Joe

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