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The Sandlot Marathon (and other races) are put on by a group of runners for runners – D.U.R.T (you’ll have to do one of the races to ask us what it stands for). The motto of the group is simple: I just want to run with friends.

Well okay, maybe it’s slightly more complex than that. It’s also about putting on races that we would want to run. It’s about not being a dick. It’s about having fun. It’s about having a beer (or three, maybe even during the race). It’s about community. It’s about providing an event where people can do great things. It’s about treating every runner as the M.V.P. It’s about high-fives and chest-bumps. It’s about creating memories that grow and stretch and become stories, the kind that get shared late at night on the trail.

At last count, we’ve run 35 100-mile or longer races, and at least 83 ultramarathons. Members of the group have finished the Grand Slam (Vermont 100, Western States, Leadville, Wasatch Front 100), Gnarly Bandit (Zumbro 100, Superior 100, Black Hills 100, Kettle Moraine 100, and Wild Duluth 100k), and the Badwater 135. We’ve won Beer Miles. We’ve been on podcasts. We’ve co-authored books on ultrarunning. We’ve been aid station captains. We’ve done course marking. We’ve crewed and paced each other, seeing each other at our worst. We’ve celebrated each other’s successes and commiserated over beers. We’ve won races. We’ve had DNFs.

We believe in putting on fun, fulfilling, unique events and look forward to you joining us.

– Andy, Brian, Luke, Tim, Matt, Mark, and Joe